What is White Box?
"Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you" - Matthew 7:7 
White Box is an exploration of collaboration. It started out with a simple mission: to be the best incarnation of a cafe space to exist, ever.

Now why is it going to be the best cafe? It will be both a platform and a physical space for creative professionals to collaborate. It seeks to meet the need that every young creator talks about: to connect people, to bring out shared ideas greater than the sum of the parts, to play off of one another's strengths, and on and on. 

Everyone has talked about this idea--it isn't a new concept. More popular creators have even given it a shot (check out Casey Neistat's company, 368). So why is White Box the real deal? 

Every single aspect is designed with intention. 
We don't rely on virality. We empathize, synthesize, iterate, prototype, and test endlessly until we find what works. It is the process that matters. That is how we are going to build this space and this platform that will change the way that we collaborate and share. 
Why is called "White Box"?
The name was inspired by the term "white box engineering". A white box's internals can be viewed and makes the system easier to understand. Here we believe it is all about the process, and we want that process to be as transparent as possible. 
Another source of inspiration came from the minimalist aesthetic associated with a simple white box. We wanted our cafe and platform to have a visual identity that emphasizes clean, minimalist design in all aspects.